Compressed Air Operated Vacuums...!
Compressed Air Operated Vacuums
The compressed air operated vacuum is an alternative when electricity is not available or desirable in hazardous industrial applications. This vacuum delivers the extra high suction power required for fast pickup of liquids, sludge, and recovery of valuable metals.

CADA vacuums are designed for wet/dry pickup and require no electricity. They are easy to maintain and there are no moving parts.

The venturi head is designed with a built-in safety pressure control and easy to read pressure gauge.

The acoustical muffler reduces the sound level of the vacuums.

Automatic pressure relief safety valve is pre-set at the factory to maintain a controlled operating internal vacuum.

Standard CADA models are equipped with a dry filter assembly and are available with steel and poly tanks or as drum adapter kits.

A wet pickup adapter is optional for removing liquids. Optional fully conductive hose & accessories for anti-static operations. Tools and accessories are sold separately.


CFM: Output Airflow - 170 CFM
Working Airflow - 100 CFM
Base ad on 1/2" ID Airline
@ 70CFM/90 PSI
Waterlift: 250" Maximum - Adjusted to 160" a Drum Adapter Kits
With Dry Filter Assembly

Typical Applications

• Construction • Woodworking • Mining • Chemicals • Fine Dust Areas • Anywhere electricity may not be available • Special all conductive units available for hazardous environments and applications