HazMat Stainless Steel & Poly Vacuums...!
Upkeeper® Industrial Special Application Hazardous Waste Vacs HEPA filtration can be used with any of our IndustrialWet/Dry tank vacuums with HEPA conversion kits.
Features - Hazardous Waste Vacuums

Poly and stainless steel tank models have the same standard quality features as our Industrial Wet/Dry vacuums.

An optional wet conversion kit converts the dry vacuum over for liquid pickup. The vacuum must be equipped with a by-pass motor to use this kit.

Units are shipped with intermediary micropore-filter (2/pk), 2-ply disposable filter bags (5/pk) and 6 mil poly bags (5/pk) with OSHA markings. HCS models include 1 1/2" dry tool kit and HP models a wet/dry tool kit.

Equipped with a HEPA filter system. Consisting of a primary certified high efficiency particulate filter, double layer intermediary micro filter and totally enclosed two-ply disposable paper filter bag. The HEPA filter has a steel outer casing and microfibered glass paper filter media separated by corrugated aluminum sheeting that is encased in a protective steel screening.

The HEPA filter is rated with a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns. Tested using the HOT DOP method @ 100 CFM.

A wet pickup adapter is optional for removing liquids. Optional fully conductive hose & accessories for anti-static operations. Tools and accessories are sold separately.

Back Pack HEPA Vacuum

This lightweight vacuum is perfect for use in hard to reach areas.

Strap it on your back, clean in hard to reach and limited areas. Easily detachable back frame can be removed to create a light canister vacuum.

Model# Type Recovery
Tank Type
HP-15-8 W/D 8 Gal Poly
HP-15-16 W/D 16 Gal Poly
HCS-15-12 Dry 12 Gal Steel
120V, 2 1/4 HP By-Pass, 110" Waterlift,115CFM