Industrial Drum Adapter Vacuums...!
Industrial Drum Adapter Vacuums
King size drum adaptor vacuums are the perfect solution for any job that requires a vac with an extra large wet/dry capacity. Ideal for flood control, heavy-duty boiler cleaning, construction cleanup, recover of materials for reprocessing and industrial applications.

Wide range of drum adaptor models to choose from that will fit poly, steel or fiber drums.

The DA series low neck adapter is designed for U.S. 55 gallon drums and DA-3565 series high neck for 35 through 65 gallon drums.

Converts a drum into a king size industrial vacuum for dry or wet pickup.

The drum adapter kit includes a motor head, drum adaptor, connector and the dry filter assembly. An optional secondary dacron filter prevents particles from clogging the filter assembly.

Available optional equipment includes drum dolly for portability, wet pickup adaptor, HEPA filter and attachments to meet specific cleanup requirements.

UL and CUL listed.

Typical Applications

Ideal for flood control, heavyduty boiler cleaning,construction cleanup, recovery of materials for reprocessing and industrial applications.