Litter Vacuums...!

A revolutionary new concept in litter collection. A gasoline driven back pack, the ATLV LITTERVAC (All-Terrain Litter Vac), is the latest revolutionary idea in cordless power tools. This vacuum cleaner opens up a new world in the way you collect litter or contaminated materials, like dog feces. This machine is powered by the new E-Tec engine from Husquavarna, a new concept in low noise, 2-stroke engines which use 30% less gasoline and overall reduces emissions into the atmosphere by 40%. This vacuum cleaner can hold up to 35 liters of rubbish which is collected through a 4-inch vacuum hose (3” hose for collecting dog feces) and allows the operator to go literally anywhere and collect rubbish.

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Low noise 2-stroke engine

Uses up to 30% less gasoline than comparable vacuum cleaners

Reduces emissions by up to 40%

Ideal for collecting litter on streets, golf courses, parks, jogging trails, parking lots or other areas with limited electric availability.