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Upkeepers Cleaning Assessment Program
It's This Simple.
With the Mission Possible Program, diagnosing cleaning problems becomes a series of questions and answers. This is a simple process. Either complete the On-Line cleaning Assessment form or contact one of our Cleaning Assessment Specialists, who will analyze your cleaning needs and problems.
Recommending a Cleaning Strategy...
Upon receiving your completed assessment form via telephone, fax or on-line, we will assess your cleaning problems and diagnose your cleaning needs. Once this is satisfactory to you and to our Cleaning Assessment Specialists, we will then recommend an effective strategy for your company and provide a quotation for the necessary equipment. Once approve by your company we will ship the equipment to you for a 7-day trial period. During this trial period our Cleaning Assessment Specialists will continue to assist you with any questions you may have via telephone, fax or email.
We also offers Consultation on Special Applications-R&D and Custom Engineered Products