Elgee Sweepers

Battery Powered: For use where gasoline engines become a hazard. Use of two 12-volt deep cycle type batteries produce a 24-volt system for longer operation time. Optional charger available. Batteries purchase locally. 1 Hp D.C. motor rated at 3200 RPM. Available in 30” or 40” widths. Features a polarized plug for recharging batteries. Shipping wt. 200 lbs.

Propane Powered: Operates on clean-burning LP gas safely in vented, indoor environments. Propane hardware is UL listed and meets or exceeds NFPA reg #58. Primary and secondary reducers provide constant gas flow during operation and halts gas flow when engine is not running. 6 or 8 Hp Briggs & Stratton or 5.5 Hp Honda engines. Accepts 14# or 20# vapor withdrawal tank (not include). Available in 30” or 40” widths. Shipping wt. 180 lbs.

Gasoline Powered: Features a heavy duty 12” diameter 1/4” thick steel impeller which pulverizes debris. A snap-on dolly supports the heavy-duty collector bag for ease of operation and maneuverability. 6 or 8 Hp Briggs & Stratton or 5.5 Hp Honda engines. Available in 30” or 40” widths. Shipping wt. 170 lbs.

Design Features

Engineered for Extra Power

The exclusive booster baffle, patented tapered intake and the horizontal body design with the impeller mounted directly over the area to be cleaned, makes it possible to pick up more difficult litter, i.e., sand, bottles, washers, shop litter, flat stock, etc.

Built to Last

All formed and welded steel modular design including a 1/4” thick welded steel impeller. Easily crushes glass, cans, etc.

Impeller Shaft Guard

Prevents string, wire, etc. from wrapping around and binding on shaft.

Snap-On Dolly Assembly

Prevents undue strain on bag and keeps machine in perfect balance at all times.

Heavy Duty Bag

11 cubic feet capacity. 55” zipper for fast emptying. Special side zippered screened vent for better dust control. Available in 10 oz. cotton fleece or rot-resistant polyester.


Only 54” long, the Power-Vac will maneuver in and around obstacles and close quarter areas that have been a problem.

Important Safety Feature

The exclusive deflector baffle with its triple deflection design, takes the “steam” out of debris to protect the operator from heavy or sharp objects.

Safety Accessories (Optional)

Spark arresting muffler (U.S. Forest Service Approved), Spark plug shield.